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What Multifamily Leaders Need to Know About the FCC Broadband Ruling

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The multifamily industry has been sitting back to let cable and telecom contracts stagnate. With new changes from the FCC, this is no longer an option. Revenue share agreements based on penetration are null, while exclusive marketing deals require notifying residents.

One of the most important options to future residents is their internet connection. Now is the perfect time to renegotiate your agreements. Owners could easily be leaving opportunity on the table by not taking advantage of these changes.

At this event, we will focus on explaining the changes, what they mean for multifamily owners and operators, and how to best capitalize on the changes to make it a success for both owners and residents.

Learn the strategies top performing properties are using to improve NOI during this exclusive event on how to Turn the FCC Ruling into a Success For You and Your Residents.

This event is a must-watch for Executives, Onsite Property Managers, Directors of Maintenance and Operations, Regional Managers, Marketing & Training, and Corporate Associates.

Learn What the FCC Ruling Means For You

The ruling is 14 pages of dense legalese. During the event, the different aspects of the ruling will be discussed so that owners can learn what is relevant to them without hiring a telecom lawyer.

What Top Property Owners are Doing About It

The best property owners are already taking advantage of the changes to renegotiate contracts. Learn what owners can do to get the best terms out of the deal instead of leaving money on the table.

Further Increase Your NOI and Resident Satisfaction

See how a cable contract can improve your NOI in a way that most property owners don't know is possible, while making residents even happier with their choice to stay with you.

BONUS: Important Results From Research on the Current Status of Telecom Agreements

Our team is conducting research to gather insight from individuals all across the multifamily industry. We hear what they had to say about their telecom agreements, their importance, and how they predict the changes to affect themselves and their residents.

We have now aggregated the responses and present the industry findings live at this event.

What Multifamily Leaders Need to Know About the FCC Broadband Ruling

Learn how to capture missed opportunities in this FREE on demand event and Q&A.

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