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Financial Innovations Driving a Better Economic Occupancy

A New Approach to Reducing Delinquent Rental Payments and Renter Fraud in Multifamily

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Since COVID struck, the entire renting landscape has changed. Some residents have failed to pay rent since the eviction restrictions were set up in 2020. Delinquency is so bad, some properties have started offering "Get Out" payments to get them to leave.

Renter fraud is also becoming more and more common. It's too easy for a renter to buy false documentation online. Once they've moved in, getting them out can be difficult and can cost thousands of dollars.

At this event, we will focus on what REALLY works to solve the delinquency and fraud epidemic during this exclusive interview on How to Solve Delinquent Payments and Renter Fraud in Multifamily.

This event is a must attend for Executives, Onsite Property Managers, Directors of Operations, Regional Managers, Marketing & Training, and Corporate Associates.

Reduce Delinquency

Residents are rarely given a good incentive to pay on time. Why would they pay on time if they have no reason to? Late fees help, but they don't always fix the problem.

Avoid Costly Eviction Expenses

Eviction is one of the largest expenses a resident can create for a property. With renter fraud on the rise, it's never been a bigger problem.

Reduce Renter Fraud

How are properties discouraging renter fraud? Research has shown that about 29% of applications are fraudulent, nearly double the amount from 2019.

First-Hand Experience from an Owner

In the event we'll interview an owner who has dealt with large amounts of renter fraud and delinquency to see exactly how they were able to solve the problem.

Delinquency is a serious problem in multifamily, and it needs to be handled as quickly and easily as possible.

Financial Innovation Driving a Better Economic Occupancy

Learn how properties are using the right tools to solve delinquency at this FREE live broadcast.

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