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How To Tackle Multifamily Labor Shortages without Hiring More People

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The Multifamily industry is about solving problems, and being available is critical in gaining more prospects and minimizing vacant units. It is imperative to answer phone calls, give tours and lease 24/7, but the industry is now seeing an increase in labor shortages. What is the best course of action?

Multifamily is evolving, and now there are new technologies that aim to help give leasing teams their time back and fill these often inevitable gaps. You can drive more sales, reduce turnover and grow your portfolio now more than ever before.

At this event, we will focus on the future of leasing and what new technologies affect team engagement and help teams lease faster. Everyone is trying to find top talent and hire more people, but we are taking a different approach.

Learn the strategies forward-looking brands are now using to build teams during this exclusive interview on how to Tackle Multifamily Labor Shortages without Hiring More People.

This event is a must attend for Executives, Onsite Property Managers, Directors of Maintenance and Operations, Regional Managers, Marketing & Training, and Corporate Associates.

Attract Top Candidates

Inspire the job market to interact with your communities by giving yourself a competitive edge. Offering unique benefits and opportunities for time off can help reduce overwhelm caused by staffing shortages. We'll show you how to stand out.

Increase Leads without People

Create more human-like connections with your prospects without hiring more staff by answering property calls, texts, and chats after hours. If you can catch their questions when they happen, you'll increase prospect satisfaction and lease faster.

Close Even More Leases

Optimize your processes to ultimately attract and retain more employees and customers with the tips, tools and strategies we will present to you. Leasing around the clock has never been more necessary, or more possible.

BONUS: Important Findings on the Future of Leasing

Months ago, our team conducted a survey to gather insight from individuals all across the multifamily industry to hear what they had to say about what technologies they believe will change the way we lease apartments over the next 5 years

We have now aggregated the responses and are ready to present back industry findings live at this event.

How to Tackle Multifamily Labor Shortages without Hiring More People

Learn how to use the tools that empower success at every level of your organization at this FREE live broadcast.

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